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Fogging Machines
Gel Clot Assay
Chromogenic Assay
Turbiditymetric Assay
Endotoxin Instruments & software
LAL Water,Sterile Disposables Assay and Dilution Tubes

Hard Surface Disinfectants 
Hand Sanitizers
Hand Wash
Disinfectants for Fogging
Nanofog foggers*  Fogger

Water Baths

* Trade mark of IDEALIN Fogging systems

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Diagnostic marketing company dealing in Endotoxin kits, Disinfectants, Biological, Chemical Indicators, Microbiology, Diagnostic Equipment for Diagnostic Labs, Q/C Products related to Pharma Industry.

Heating Block, Sterile Petri plates, Endotoxin Instruments

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